What is your view of deity

What is your view of deity

Lunar Wisdom  posted a youtube video entitled “What is your view on Deity”. Well here if my response.

Is deity transcendent?Immanent?Manifest?
I think deity is all of these. It really depends on the person on how deity appears to them. For most Christians deity is transcendent, and for some Jesus is immanent. Some Christians may even think of their deity as manifest, though I know none that do. For me as a pagan I find deity to be all. For me deity is transcendent because it is higher in knowledge. Deity is immanent because it is apart of everything including us. Deity is manifest because it is everything, being apart of everything, but also everything. These are my feelings and views.
How does deity manifest on the physical plane?
For me deity mostly manifest as nature and statues. Though I also see deity in people and everything else around me.
Does deity require. worship? Why? How?
Yes and no. I believe everyone worships deity without even realizing it. I think by respecting ourselves and even others, we worship deity. For those of us whom choose to me can worship deity in ritual and other such practices. But as we are apart of deity I don’t think deity requires worship.
Do you call on deity? When? How? For what purpose?
Yes, I do call on deity. I usually call on deity throughout my day. During prayer, magick, and ritual. Which is usually, when I have the time, a part of my daily life. It can be as simple as calling onto them during prayer, or invocation during ritual. I call on deity for help and just to spend time with them and get to know them.
Does religion/spirituality benefit you or is there another purpose for it? If it does benefit you, how so?
Religion and spirituality working together benefits me. Apart they only hinder me. For me, I need both. Religion for me is kind like this little guide book of all my beliefs and spirituality is me working with those beliefs and adding unto my knowledge in religion and life. With that being said, they benefit me by helping me work through things in life and grow as a person. They just make me happy in general.
Can you disrespect deity? How?
The only way I could really think of doing so is to do harm to mother nature, yourself or others. War being exclude from doing harm to other. For me cutting, though I have done it, is disrespectful to deity because you are a part of deity. Littering hurts nature, which is deity. So there you have it.
Did you create deity or did deity create you?
For me deity both created us and we created deity. I believe that the energy that created the big bang was deity, but had not yet become deity until it created us and we turned it into deity. For me deity is the energy and DNA that connects everything.
Are we obligated to deity? Do we ‘owe’ deity anything? If so, what do we ‘owe’ deity?
We are obligated to ourselves as deity. Like to take care of our bodies, minds and spirits. But otherwise I do not believe we owe deity anything other than taking care of earth.
Does deity control your life? How?
Yes and no. I control my own life,and I am a part of deity. Deity may help me when I ask for it. So other than myself deity is just a helping hand.
Does deity give you lessons to learn? A purpose? A reason for living? A responsibility?
Yes, yes, yes, and yes.
Deity gives our spirits lessons to learn so that one day, whether in this life or later in another, we may join with deity and become the energy/DNA that connects everything.
Everyone has a purpose, invisible string that connect our lives. Whether we decides or we decide is up to us.
I think others and ourselves give us a reason for living. Life is what we choose it to be.
We all have a responsibility to be ourselves. When our spirit was born from deity that was given to us.
So guys, that is my opinion on the matter. Tell me what you think in the comments.

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