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Some people, myself included, are not built for country life.  I love the cultural stimulation of living near museums, concerts, and lectures.  Parks give plenty of access to nature, plus nothing save a couple of clouds can prevent access to the Moon.  As a vegetarian my food choices are expanded beyond the pasta option.  Plus, living in a neighborhood with a lot of students presents new opportunities to hang out with people my age.  The only thing I dislike about living in the city is I can’t garden because I live in an apartment, but to compensate I am actively looking for a community garden.

Living in an urban environment does not negate my commitment to my faith.  Not only does my location correlate to my university, but I have a wide variety of social, intellectual, and spiritual needs that do not get fulfilled by living in the country. Yes…

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Witch Tips: Samhain Activities

Cauldron and Brew: A Witch's Blog

Samhain, Halloween, the Day of the Dead, oh my!  This season is marked by lots of holidays dedicated to the last harvest and the honoring of the dead.  For modern witches, Wiccans, and some Pagans, we embrace these days as more than just an excuse to get dressed up and eat a lot of candy (although that’s fun too).  Try to take time for deliberate spiritual practices before the Wheel of the Year comes to a close.

  • Movie Marathon: Practical MagicThe Craft, even a couple of early episodes of Charmed.  Check out some witchy role models in popular culture.  And then don’t forget to finish off the evening with It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!
  • Divination: The veil between the worlds is thinner at this point of the year.  It is a good time to break out the black scrying mirror and tarot cards.  If…

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The dark side

Druid Life

We were walking, and I mentioned to my companion that he is one of the few people I really trust. He warned me, half-jokingly, that there is a much darker side to his nature, one that isn’t usually visible. I knew this. I asked him if he had considered the possibility that I trust him because I can see that in him.

We all have threads of darkness in our psyches. We all have impulses towards all manner of things that aren’t socially acceptable, aren’t good for us, or safe, tame, or clever. What I’ve found along the way is that a lot of people are totally in denial about this. It’s natural enough to want to present to the world as something made of goodness and loveliness, but the denial of the dark side tends to result in problems. I think much of the hypocrisy we see in both…

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